Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Elf On The Shelf

Thank you for purchasing an Elf on The Shelf kit. Here are some pictures of how the days are suppose to look. They might not be in the exact same order but all the pictures are here. ENJOY, and see you next year!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Before the bath, my kids like to run around naked. This time Emmett helped Adah wrap a blanket around her!

My mom turned 65 on March 15th. Emmett wanted to give her one of his animals and then he decided she could only borrow it. After she opened the zebra, he said, "Can I hold it?" We all laughed cause he was having such a hard time giving it away. My mom ended up borrowin it for a week and then she gave it back :)

We went to Color Me Mine for my mom's bday. This is the plate I painted. It's going to be our special plate that somebody in our family gets to use when they've done something special or extra ordinary.

My mom loved the canvas we gave her of our baby pictures. It turned out really cute.

Our newest addition to our family. Montana finally had her baby on March 24 2013. We went down before church and Bret looked under the horse and said it's a girl. He was kind of bummed, and we left to church. After we stopped back by and he said, " I wish it was magically a boy". Well we got out and looked again and guess what???? It's a colt! He was so happy. We seem to only have mares and Bret really wanted a boy horse.

Emmett playing farm!

Elevated Crossfit

So I found a new love...CROSSFIT. It won't and can't replace my love for running, but it's been really fun and exciting. I go three days a week at 5:30am and I feel stronger. I'm excited to get in better shape and be more fit. I love the coaches/trainers there and especially the people I workout with. It's awesome. I'll admit it was crossfit that gave me Rhabdo the first time I worked out there, but I was stupid and pushed myself way too hard. I've increased slowly and I'm happy with my progress so far, but more excited about my progress to come. I've still been running 3 days a week and I'll always run. Running is my addiction :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emmett's 4th Birthday

Emmett had the best birthday so far. He understood it was his special day and he was happy all day. We hired Jerry (the snow sculptor) in Springville to come and make Emmett a bull for his birthday. Jerry lives on canyon road and makes snow sculptors for the community in his front yard. He's very talented and we really enjoy his talent. He came by twice and fixed it because our house is south facing and it melted pretty quickly.
Happy Birthday Emmett!

Birthday Boy
Emmett loved opening his presents. When he opened the barn form Emily and Max he said, "NO WAY". It was adorable. After he opened the plastic animals from Grandma Jude and Nana he walked up to Nana and said with his arms stretched open,"would you like a hug?"

Max, Austin, Cody, Emmett, Nathan, Kole, Hunter, Adah, Brinley, and Carly

 We had a birthday party for all of the cousins his age, and two friends. He loved all the attention being on him and loved his party. We played a birthday game, had dinner, opened presents, and had cake and ice-cream.
Birthday Boy

Em & Max

Family Pic 2/11/2013

We love our Birthday Boy
Savannah Thorpe and Maxine Bona made Emmett's cake. He wanted a warthog cake. He sure loves his animals.  Bonafied Goodies is awesome! Not only did the cake look awesome, but it tasted great too!

Blowing Out Candles

Birthday Stash. He got a barn, gun, puzzles, 9 plastic animals, books, movie, art supplies, and a laughing cow.
 Emmett was so happy and he's such a great kid. I love him so much! I'm proud of him and how smart he is. He's also very obedient. He listens to us very well and has a tender heart. I always think about the day he was born, and how I would relive that day over and over. I love being his mom!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Adah 22 months

She loves the phone!

Adah is 22 months old now. She's talking so much more and tries to repeat anything we ask to her to say. She says, "hold you" when she wants me to hold her and gets jealous if I'm holding Emmett or a different baby. She just started watching TV and her favorite movie is Spirit. It's been nice to have her sit still for a while and watch a movie! She always brings me a stuffed animal and a blanket and wants me wrap the animal up in a blanket and pretends it's her baby. (She's a natural mom). I catch myself multiple times a day starring at her and thinking how beautiful she is. I am in love with this little girl. She sleeps all night and usually wakes up around 6:30am for a bottle and diaper change and then goes back to bed until 9. She takes one nap during the day for 2 hours. Her favorite foods are oatmeal & toast, mac and cheese, pizza, pears, bananas, raisins (which we limit cause they give her diarrhea), and crackers. She still gets a bottle before bed and nap time and we're only giving her the binky when shes in her crib.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Christmas was really fun this year. As our kids get older it becomes more and more magical. We still had to wake up our kids at 8:30am, because we were ready to get started and didn't know how long they'd sleep. I bet that was our last year doing that :) Emmett walked out to the living room and saw that new horse and immediately said, "thats mine!" Adah went straight for her giant Pooh Bear. She loves stuffed animals and anything she can cuddle. We looked through our stockings, made breakfast, and then opened our presents. Later that night we went to Emily's house for a little Christmas dinner and did a gift exchange. The kids all brought their favorite presents and did a show and tell with the family. It was cute watching them share their favorite toy. Emmett took his cows and chute and showed everybody how to put a cow in the chute!
Christmas Eve Jammies

Christmas Morning

He said," That's my horse!!!"

Adah loves Pooh Bear

Adah's Stash! Pooh Bear, Blanket, cash register, elephant/ball toy, tutu, cowgirl hat, clothes, hair bows

Bret's Stash, wranglers, guitar, and George Strait concert tickets

Amy's Stash, Running jacket, Garmin running watch, slippers, money for a mini vacation without the kiddos.

Emmett's Stash, Horse, Hungry Hungry Herd, bow and arrow, clothes, puzzles, cow chute, cows

Family Pic

Loves these people!
Cody & Carly 2012

This picture makes me giggle.

My stud muffin

She likes having her picture taken